My people are doing great.  If that’s all you need to know, stop reading right there.  You do not need anymore.  Life is good. 

First the bad news:  Mia took second in the Lakeside – Breton – Wealthy track meet.  Second.  We were all disappointed in her performance.  Someone that was almost a year older beat her.  I can’t believe it, and either can she.  Two more years to get her house in order, and she better make use of it ;). 

She started the swim season, and it has been a blast.  She is the youngest kid by nearly two years, but do not tell Coach Brandon.  Now, I do not want to jinx anything, but she is borderline “A” cut material.  The “A” meet is the championship meet.  After being wildly off in her first meet, she was within a second on her last one.  Meet number 3 will be pivotal since it is her final meet.  Or she will be 5 seconds off.


The other two won for which I’m grateful.  Connor was lucky to win; Queen Elizabeth is just good.

Queen Elizabeth, her first official performance in the 800 meter, slid comfortably in the pack. She was about 10 yards behind the front runner on the first lap.  I was worried, but I’m not sure if she was.  At the 600 meter mark (or whatever those track folks call it), she was even with her main competitor.  She found a new gear about halfway and then and started for home.  I have to admit, it was incredible.  She was the first place girl in the 800 m in the 10 years that I could look back upon.  I know everyone doesn’t do this meet, but that’s still an accomplishment.

Connor’s team continues to excel.  They combined a FIRE and Revolution teams to make a mega team.  Let’s just say FIRE had their drinks spiked with caffeine.  They won the JAGS cup, Grand Rapids Invitational Cup, and the Jr. State Cup.  Not to brag or anything.  Actually, I am going to brag: that was awesome.  Two overtime victories helped seal the Jr. State Cup.  This is in between flag football, basketball and, of course, swim.  I know, we are crazy.

I am sorry Allison.  Next time I will cover you more.  Every time I went to a game, fields were soggy and just plane gross.  I couldn’t get over that.  I just looked down at my new shoes covered in muck.  The summer swim season is just getting going.  I’ll cover you more then once you get going.

Connor still has a love of soccer, but we get him to swim once in a while.  Queen Elizabeth loves to run (well, she loves to watch Netflix on her iPad), but we can get her to swim most days.  Allison has learned to like swim again.  Mia has been to multiple practices, but she prefers the high school pool (Waves as she calls it) over the Wealthy pool (practice pool).  I think she just likes where the big kids are at.

Spring Break was awesome (have I said that too much?).  We went to St. Augustine.  My Springer cousins, they’re in-laws, my parents, and Paula Springer.  We swam on cold days and colder days.  Once in a while we got a reprieve with an occasional one or two warm days.  Otherwise cold.  

Let’s see, what else is going on?  Cindy Heffernan comes over to cut my hair because I am too embarrassed to get it cut myself.    The odd cut job on my head would be difficult to explain.  I would explain more than it would be cut.

We had a middle school and an elementary school graduation on the same day.    We have too many pictures with Allison in different combinations of kids.  I cannot fathom what high school graduation will be like.  

Tahquamenon Falls and Pictured Rocks were a revelation;  Oswald’s Bear Ranch not so much.  Our kids primarily liked the indoor pools at both places we stayed.  They were a revelation, too.  One had a slide that you could not use (it wasn’t between 4 and 10 PM).  Disappointment.

The cancer is back? We aren’t sure.  Another ambiguous scan.  I know it never left, but held in remission for a while after 3 surgeries, multiple medications (some of which I have no idea how they work).  I am going to get a repeat scan in 2 months assuming nothing happens in the meantime.  Sometimes I feel symptoms, but other times I know they are full of crap.  I certainly have right arm weakness, but not enough to be noticeable.

I am done with surgery.  Sure, they will discuss it, maybe even biopsy it, but to what end?  To know what I am dealing with stinks?  I was on an off label medicine called pembrolizumab, part of a research trial.  Now I am on an off-off label med called everolimus.  How will I know if it is working?  I will survive longer, but longer than what?  I am also on avastin.  That works for sure. I stopped temozolomide because, well, I could. It has never been shown to work in this setting.  I also stopped radiation because you can only get 10 treatments. 

So, life is good.  That’s where I’ll leave it.

A collection.

More shots.